Siberian cedar pendant

Siberian cedar pendant
Siberian cedar pendant Siberian cedar pendant
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Siberian cedar pendant

Cedars were first mentioned by ancient druids - a great caste of priests, the healers ruling the world. In antiquity people used cedar in different ways. The Egyptians buried Pharaohs in cedar sarcophagi. Assyrian tsars used amulets from a cedar to incline the lords of other kingdoms to listen to their opinion. And how often we cannot prove to our business partners or family relatives that we are right and incur losses as a result today! Women of Assyria carried amulets made of cedar for seducing and enchanting men they liked.
 In the bible the cedar is mentioned as a curing, clearing tree 42 times. It turns out that either we or our contemporaries need the cedar. Women need it for improvement of complexion and gaining the heart of a man. The stronger sex needs the cedar for success in affairs. Both of them need health. The cedar is greatness, beauty and health. Those people, who always feel the energy of the cedar, do not know exhaustion neither in affairs, nor in love. The nature has created the cedar as the store of spatial energy. Slices of this tree are capable to cure, restore the destroyed bio field, resist the power of darkness which we name more capaciously - damage, malefactor, slander etc.
 The cedar will help to get rid off weariness, will calm stress. It has been noticed that those who constantly adjoin to the cedar (joiners, woodcarvers) possess excellent health. And it is no wonder because they constantly adjoin not only the tree, but also its power.
 The cedar is the tree of cleanliness, and either physical illnesses or mental filth disappear in contact with the cedar. In the Old testament of The Bible, the third book, Book of Leviticus (14,4) God teaches the people how to disinfect dwellings by means of a cedar. The clarification of dwellings is especially essential during fasts.
 And one more fragment from the Bible. Tsar Solomon, who according to the Old Testament had constructed a temple made from Cedar wood. For such a valuable building material he had given 20 cities. When the service began in the temple, “not many priests could stay at the service because of a cloud”. What was this cloud? Psychics would call it the “power of light”, prayerful people would call it “a sign”. No matter how one calls it, the fact remains the same - the miracle cloud proceeded from a cedar!
 It is necessary to carry the cedar in a way that it is in contact with the body. If the colour of the coulomb changes, the cedar works together with you. They may vary from green, to dark-gray. The state of health will change; any illnesses and moods can leave you together with pain.
 So allow the cedar to work, giving your love to people, nature, to everything that you see, feel.
 The cedar bears love, and your love changes everything!


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